Miami Orthodontist | October 2015 iPad Contest


Can you guess how many candy corn are in the jar?!  It’s October and that only means one thing…….CANDY!!!!! Although you can’t eat our candy corn you can try to guess how many are inside the jar! The patient with the closest guess will win a brand new Apple iPad mini!! Only one guess per […]

Miami Orthodontist – September 2015 iPad Contest


  School’s officially back in session!!! Starting off the year with fresh school supplies was always our favorite part of going back to school! For our September 2015 iPad contest we want you to guess how many pens and pencils are inside of the box. Please enter your guess in the box below. At the […]

Should I Wear a Retainer as an Adult?

Teens who get braces often get a lecture from their parents, orthodontists, or from those who have had braces before them: always wear your retainer. Whether it’s at night or permanently, wearing your retainer is a vital part of the teeth-straightening process — your orthodontist wouldn’t prescribe it if it wasn’t. The best way to […]

Bow to the Braces – It’s National Orthodontic Health Month!


You might think the holiday season kicks off with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. Wrong! In our world, it begins with National Orthodontic Health Month, which began Oct. 1. This is a great time of year, because we get to reinforce the importance of lots of orthodontic health-related topics. Early Evaluation We can’t […]

Is It More Difficult to Straighten Adult Teeth Than Children’s?

A lot has changed since today’s adults were yesterday’s kids. For one thing, shiny metal braces adorned only the mouths of young people, straightening teeth and causing a bit of self-consciousness in teens already experiencing a growing pain or two. The image of a kid with braces is so engrained on our minds that we […]