Miami Orthodontist | January 2015 iPad Contest


  We’re honoring the great presidents of the United States this month! Can you match each president to their correct smile?! The FIRST patient to match all 8 presidents correctly will win a brand new iPad mini! All entries are due by January 31st, 2014 at 11:59pm. How to Enter: Leave your name and guess […]

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite is when a tooth or teeth are abnormally closer to the buccal (cheek) region or lingual (tongue) region of the mouth than the teeth above or below them. Essentially, a crossbite occurs when any of the upper teeth fit into the wrong side of the lower teeth. Crossbites fall into the following categories: […]

What is an Underbite?


An underbite, or mandibular prognathism, is a Class III malocclusion characterized by abnormal protrusion of the lower teeth, or of the lower jaw and teeth. It is the exact opposite of overbites, which we discussed in this past article. Underbites are far less common than overbites, but can be more extreme and may require more […]

Bluetooth-Enabled Toothbrushes Popular in 2015


It used to be that we relied on our phones for communication. Up until very recently, the apps available to us on smartphones existed primarily to put us in touch with other people in a variety of ways. Nowadays, we are able to rely on technology not just for communication, but for help with everyday […]