Can Orthodontic Treatment Help Me Age Well?

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One aspect of orthodontics that I’ve always loved is the close relationship it creates between science and art. Combining science, creativity and the golden ratio enables orthodontists to achieve significant improvements in facial aesthetics that many people once thought only possible with plastic surgery. Now we’re learning these aesthetic improvements actually improve the aging process. […]

New Study Reveals Why Adults Forgo Dental Health Care

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A new study published by the American Dental Association (ADA) in November 2014 reveals some astounding statistics about adults and dental health care. Findings from the study shine the light on somewhat shocking poll results. Conclusions the researchers decided upon include: Cost and low perceived need are the top reasons why adults indicate they do […]

Replacing a Toothbrush Every Three Months is Necessary


According to a recent article published in TIME Magazine, you should replace your toothbrush about every three months. And we tend to agree. If you’re brushing your teeth the recommended number of times in a day — at least twice, preferably after breakfast and dinner — that means you should get about 180 uses out […]

Orthodontic Treatment is Not a DIY Project


If you’ve visited lately, you might have noticed a consumer alert that urges people to beware of videos, products and websites that offer do-it-yourself methods of orthodontic treatment. That is because there seems to be an increased interest these days in over-the-counter and home remedy types of orthodontic treatment, particularly among tweens and teens. […]