Miami Invisalign Provider | May 2016 Contest

Justin Bieber ARTWORK PIC

Calling all Beliebers! We have two more tickets to the Purpose world tour on Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 concert in the American Airlines Arena!!! Dr. Sanders is sending you and a friend to sit in the lower 100’s sections!  It’s so easy to enter, just stop and take a picture with Justin next time you’re […]

Is it a Big Deal if My Child Loses His Baby Teeth Early?

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Dollar signs may replace the stars a child sees after getting a tooth knocked out on the playground when he realizes he’s earned another visit from the Tooth Fairy. But losing baby teeth prematurely is a serious matter. Those baby teeth play a significant role in children’s oral development. A baby tooth lost too soon […]

What Options do I have to Fix My Overbite? Headgear2

New patients to our practice sometimes present with complaints about their “overbite.” More often than not, they actually have a condition known as “overjet.” Let’s clear up the confusion by explaining the two types of malocclusion. Then I’ll explain several methods that orthodontists use for correcting overjet. Overbite is a term used to describe the […]

Some Benefits of Having Straight Teeth in 2016

Most people desire straight teeth solely for cosmetic reasons. However, there are many overlooked health benefits of straight teeth that prove that braces, Invisalign and other orthodontic procedures are investments with very high returns. Here at Orthodontics Only, we pride ourselves in designing custom treatment plans to help each and every patient that steps foot […]

Can You Lose Weight By Wearing Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to wires and other traditional methods designed to straighten teeth. Patients opt for Invisalign to avoid the hassle of bands, wires, and mouth irritation so that they can achieve a beautiful smile in a simpler, less noticeable way. Believe it or not, many patients with Invisalign have noticed that they have […]