Miami Orthodontist | March 2015 iPad Contest


        Do you have the luck of the Irish?! Test out your luck with our March 2015 iPad contest! Guess how many marshmallows are inside the jar of Lucky Charms cereal. Remember, we’re only looking for the amount of marshmallows in the jar! You can stop by our office at any time […]

Are Mail-Order Braces A Viable Option for Me?

Miami Invisalign Aligner

Recently I wrote an article about how orthodontic treatment is not a DIY project. And then lo and behold, Today Show hosts used the DIY term in announcing this segment about companies offering mail-order orthodontic treatment. Companies have emerged that offer “mail-order braces” with the promise of providing a teeth alignment system that is “designed […]

Pros and Cons of Permanent Bottom Retainer

Guest Article by Lauren Sutton One of the first mental images that comes to mind when thinking about someone with braces is the retainer that he or she will be carrying around once they’re taken off. We’ve all heard stories about retainers getting thrown away on school lunch trays, or getting lost and needing to […]

Do It Yourself and Mail Order Braces Gain in Popularity


We’ve seen a resurgence of the do-it-yourself mentality in the last few years, but the latest tactic — DIY teeth straightening — leaves us more than a little scared. A new service that’s hitting the market offers teeth straightening for as little as one third of the cost of leading industry invisible aligners or traditional […]

Learning from Malocclusions in Animals


Just one look at any animal’s teeth and it’s obvious they are a lot different in shape and size than ours. Also strangely different are the malocclusions displayed by certain breeds. Let’s look at malocclusions commonly represented by certain breeds of animals and discuss why they might work for them, and not for us.  Overjet […]